“I’d like to thank Christina for the opportunity to tell a little bit about my wonderful experience with the Chiren.

I was in an auto accident and broke my collarbone and the bone was literally one on top of the other and protruding…the doctor said was inoperable.  I started having pain in it.

The pain kept getting worse so that I couldn’t play golf….couldn’t even walk very far like I used to.  On a trip to Europe on a river cruise with daily walking.  I couldn’t even do the walks during the day and I thought:  ‘My life has really dramatically changed!’

With just one treatment, the pain went away completely in my shoulder.   I’m playing  golf, I walk 3 miles a day…. I haven’t had a twinge, a pain or any problem or would ever know that anything had ever been wrong with it.  So a life changing event turned out to not be a life changing event after all which is really quite wonderful.

Also in the same the accident, it was discovered that I had a hernia and a tumor in my stomach.  The tumor was quite large…about 4 inches long.  The doctor that did the hernia operation said that he would do exploratory surgery on my tumor at the same time he did my hernia.

I went in for pre-op and the doctor said he couldn’t feel the tumor but said they just don’t go away….after surgery, I asked the doctor how it went and he said he didn’t do anything with the tumor since he couldn’t find it!  I’ve since done a scan …and the scan shows the tumor is completely gone.

So 2 things of spontaneous healing are quite miraculous!

I don’t know if I should mention this or not, but Christina asked me if there was anything  I knew not to be true but kept believing that I couldn’t get rid of, so I told her I had an incident in 1st or 2nd grade where the substitute teacher put me in front of the class and the whole class ridiculed me because I couldn’t figure this one thing out….actually it was the word “elephant” I couldn’t seem to figure the phonetics of it and I determined I was the dumbest kid in the class and I could never let anyone know how dumb I was, in spite of so much to the contrary…I was in the Honor Society, I got good grades, I have a Masters Degree, down deep I always felt like I was dumb.

Christina said ‘Oh fine, we’ll work on that.’  So we worked on it and I didn’t really feel any different……shortly after I looked in the mirror and a voice in my head said ‘You’re smart!’  Ever since then I thought, ‘Hmmm I am smart!’  That little nagging word that had always been there didn’t come back.  That may be the biggest thing she’s healed.  At any rate, I can’t say enough good things about Christina or the Chiren.  It was a wonderful experience.”