FAQs answered here:


How many sessions will I need?

How fast you get well depends on many factors:  how long have you been sick?  Do you have 1 illness or a combination of things?  How old are you?  How toxic are you?  How resilient are you?  Do you eat healthy, organic food?  Do you exercise?  Do you sleep well?  Is your stress minimal?  Will you follow my suggestions?  I do everything I can to help you heal as quickly as possible.  You need to remember that you didn’t get sick overnight, so your body needs some time to heal.

What does it cost?

That depends on which treatments you need and how many you need.  I have multiple combination packages available at a reduced cost. I tell everyone to have at least 3 sessions to notice some change. 5 is an Optimal number to start, so the packages begin there.

Will I get well?

There is an overwhelmingly strong probability you will get better.  I have an amazing 85-90% success rate overall.  Nothing in life is  guaranteed, but if you are willing, open and ready to change, you’ll have the best chance for success.

Do you give a guarantee?

I’ll give you a better guarantee than your doctor!  My treatments won’t make you sick since there aren’t any side effects!

How long before I feel better?

(see answer to How many sessions will I need?)  Some people notice a change immediately, some after 3-4 sessions.  Your body is being treated at a cellular level working with the most serious issues first….so you might still feel a pain in your shoulder, but it’s because the body’s priority is to resolve a more serious problem.

Is it better to see you in person?

The treatments are just as powerful long distance as they are in person.  If you have major scars, they might have to be treated in person….but only once.  Whiplash treatment is done in the office. Scar and Whiplash treatments will be given long-distance if they are not too severe.  Virtual sessions are shorter because I don’t add a time buffer for traffic delays, filling out paperwork, making payment etc. that are necessary for office visits.  There is no measurement involved which also reduces the time. 

I spend a lot of time evaluating your condition, researching remedies if necessary, and sending light treatments.  The length of the actual transmissions are standard, so the same length of time in person or long-distance.  Make no mistake, long-distance treatments are powerful.  I was treated long-distance before I got my Chiren and I could feel it…as do my clients.  Johan, the inventor, taught me himself how to do this although it is not a part of his curriculum.  Because of this, I know of only a handful of practitioners in Europe who also offer this.

How can I speed up the process?

We’ll discuss this during your initial consultation.  If you are gravely ill, I will recommend you get a treatment every 4 days.  I will suggest you do a combination of biophoton light and enzyme treatments.  I will also strongly suggest you take Asea.  I will recommend a special diet to speed your healing process.  If needed, I will suggest some Somatic Experiencing sessions to resolve any unresolved trauma.  Everyone is unique.  This is why I only offer Customized Healing Solutions which helps you heal your body as quickly as possible.