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Christina Kuepper

(201) 312-9223

Wholistic Healing Facilitator and Founder of Customized Healing Solutions

Christina is a dynamic and sought-after speaker who has spent the last 30 years helping people all over the world heal their chronic pain and disease.

Corporate companies, start-ups and personal development programs world-wide have benefitted from Christina’s unique and effective educational programs that engage audiences in understanding how their bodies work and inspire them to begin the journey of self-healing as a bridge to optimal performance.

Christina is available, schedule permitting, for TV, Radio, podcast and blog interviews.

To hire Christina for your live event/retreat, please send an email to

[email protected]

 She is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Turbo-charge healing with Biophton Light
  • No More Food Allergies
  • End Gut Pain
  • Easy Detox
  • What to do About Vaccinations

See what workshop hosts and participants are saying! 

“For me, discovering Christina Kuepper is akin to discovering gold.  When I watch her webinars, I get “charged” with excitement on learning new modalities and treatments that promise to work.  It’s apparent to me that she is well educated and has vast experience about her healing therapy, with both personal experience and extensive training. 

I like that she is very down to Earth, natural and non-scripted.  She even personally responds to e-mails and doesn’t just respond with a stock phrase or one-line reply.  If you watch her webinars, do you notice that she is smiling the whole time?  I want to be like that!  You can sense her excitement about her treatment in her facial expressions and voice.  You can’t get more “real” than that.  I

‘m looking forward to working with Christina so she can change my “chaotic light” to “coherent light” so that I can get my life back again!”  Linda Ketcham


“Thank you so much for your presentation to the Association For Higher Awareness on May 1st.  We had a great turnout for your topic and you generated many thoughtful questions from our members.  Your warmth and personality came through and really made our audience comfortable. 

I was glad to hear that you generated a large response to your private session offer and am sure that those who had sessions were glad they had them.  We don’t always have such a warm reception for speakers who make presentations on healing modalities so we were very pleased that you were well-received.  

Personally, I really feel that the private sessions I have had were excellent and I am feeling some difference in my condition.

We wish you the very best with your new healing modality and know that you will be contributing to the betterment of the lives of many.  You are a talented healer and an excellent presenter.”

Carol Tokar
Association For Higher Awareness


“Your introduction of the Chiren Instrument and your personal deep grasp of how to optimize its amazing potential, makes your presentation stand out in my mind as one of the most articulate, interesting and most important presentations in AHA’s 20 year history. 

AHA sponsors a wide range of speakers on important topics which can positively change lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Introducing a new field of study to an audience where little or no prior knowledge is available, is a daunting task.  

You were able to explain the process and to field questions flawlessly, convincingly and honestly.  You kept your audience fully engaged in understanding this revolutionary new process of biophoton feedback and showed them how and why it works to allow the body to function according to its original intended coherent design. 

The topic of using light treatment itself drew nearly double our normal attendance. Nearly half of those attending the meeting signed up for your biophoton treatments, using the Chiren instrument….”

William P. Hungerford
Co-President AHANJ


Customized Healing for Chronic Pain

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