“Hi.  My name is Megan Ferraro.  I am someone who has practiced energy work for over 10 years.  I have walked with 3 different diseases that led me into this energy work:  Crohn’s disease, Gastro Paresis and Endometriosis.

Through the years, I have travelled to several doctors to see what they could do for me with medication as well as the alternative.  I tried everything across the board from acupuncture to supplements to different types of energy healings.

Two diseases have dissipated through a series of many different modalities:  that was the gastro paresis and endometriosis, but I could never get my Crohn’s disease under control.

It wasn’t until Christina came along that her education and what she offers completely brought me to a different level with this disease.

She enlightened me in many different ways that many different doctors could not do for me.  She educated me on more of the nutrition than even some of the doctors and naturopathic  doctors couldn’t do.  She brought me into enzymes that now allow me to eat food that I haven’t eaten in 10 years!

This light therapy that she has done for me and I had to be dedicated, and boy, she’s someone who made sure I was! (hahaha)  She has brought me to a level where I do not feel this disease.

I am on such a path of enlightenment and gratitude.  It has to be known that this light therapy truly, truly can bring people to levels where they think is impossible…but it’s there and it’s true.  For someone like me that has tried different modalities of healing, knowing the work, doing the work and seeing the power of that work, I never was discouraged.  I just knew there was more that needed to be done for me.  This type of work for the level of where I was at, shows the power of what it could possess for a person.

I hope you hear this testimony and take it in with your heart because it truly is coming from somebody who never lost faith but just couldn’t find the right way.

Christina with all the levels of education that she carries, she brought it all together like a puzzle and that’s something that I will always be grateful to her for.”