Tennant’s Biomodulator Therapy

The Tennant Biomodulator Therapy® are revolutionary, portable, neuro stimulation devices designed to treat clients from all walks of life suffering from all types of conditions. The Tennant Biomodulator® devices, devoloped by Dr. Jerry Tennant, contain unique frequencies to produce micro-current, electrical impulses that are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention.

Dr. Tennant’s priority frequencies are designed help patients improve circulation, increase nerve stimulation and promote faster injury recovery, as well as reduce pain naturally by increasing body voltage with gentle, non-invasive, integrative treatments. These treatments help a wide range of user groups and related conditions which include: sports injuries, combat recovery, medical procedures and syndromes, senior and family ailments, pain-free dental procedures and non-invasive face lift treatments.

In addition, Tennant’s Biomodulator therapy can safely reduce pain and inflammation in small and large animals. Dr. Tennant’s devices are essential for increasing voltage in the body which is necessary for healing.  If you’ve suffered with prolonged chronic pain or illness, these devices will help you reclaim your life.