Client Testimonials

My husband got the C19 shots, yet I’m the one who wound up sick! All of my joints were on fire. I had to use a walker or a cane to get around.

Fortunately after 3 remote biophoton sessions, all my pain was gone and I didn’t need a cane or walker anymore!


After getting 2 C19 shots for work, I wound up in the ER 3 times within 2 weeks because my heart was beating too quickly. I’m only 22, so it scared me!

I had 3 remote sessions with Christina and my heart issues disappeared!


Covid 19 gone in ONE day!


Paul says his cancer doctor implied BLT was better than radiation!

Biophoton Therapy

Joyce’s neuropathy from chemo gone!

Biophoton Therapy

Paul’s Afib and High Blood Pressure resolved!

Biophoton Therapy

John’s GERD healed after more than 15 years on Rx drugs!

Biophoton Therapy & Enzyme Therapy

Bill’s tumors disappeared!

Biophoton Therapy

Fluoride poisoning made Rich tired– He has energy again!

Biophoton Therapy

Laura’s ADHD &  Narcolepsy Improved!

Biophoton Therapy

Janet’s food allergies are gone!

Biophoton Therapy

Sam’s Colon Cancer Success!

Biophoton Therapy

Lisa has more energy now that her gut is working well!

Loomis Enzyme Therapy

Nurse’s blood and testimonial after V!

Biophoton Therapy

Lisa’s V’s and Aluminum cleared remotely!

Biophoton Therapy

Joan’s Lyme Journey to Wellness!

Biophoton Therapy

Sue’s surprise by Long-distance Sessions

Biophoton Therapy

Peter’s whiplash pain is gone!

Biophoton Therapy

Megan had Crohn’s and now can eat favorite foods again!

Biophoton Therapy and Enzyme Therapy

Laurie’s migraines & cat allergy – gone!

Biophoton Therapylient Testimonials

Joanne’s Seasonal Affective Disorder-Gone!

Biophoton Therapy & Loomis Enzymes