As we move into “flu season”, big pharma is heavily advertising the flu shot.  Many clients ask me if they should get one.  Since I can’t prescribe, nor would I tell anyone what to do, I simply show them the facts so they can make an intelligent choice.  According to Dr. Hyman, “Flu shots contain:  Egg proteins: Including avian contaminant viruses; Formaldehyde: Known carcinogen; Thimerosal: Mercury-based preservative (only in multi-dose vials); Other heavy metals such as aluminum: Known neurotoxin; Sugar: The essence of all inflammatory disease; Triton X100: A detergent, Other additives known to cause allergic reactions.  The biggest controversy about the ingredients in the shot surrounds the use of the preservative Thimerosal.  Thimerosal contains mercury.  Exposure to mercury leads to systemic health problems running the gamut from neurological dysfunction (memory loss, confusion, inability to concentrate) to depression, renal failure, skin troubles and gastrointestinal disturbances.”

In addition, the influenza vaccine isn’t very effective in flu prevention with only 62% protection for first timers, but down to 45% effectiveness for those who got the flu shot the previous year according to Influenza Effectiveness in the Community and the Household.  Clinical Infectious Diseases Feb. 2013.  I won’t even discuss all of the conflicting data about vaccine related deaths. Why take the risk?  Scientists agree that what gets you sick is not the actual virus, but the condition of your immune system, so why not focus on making it stronger?

None of the clients under my care get the flu.  I use safe, cutting-edge modalities (Biophoton and Loomis enzyme therapies) to build the immune system.  Several college students I helped to balance before they left for school, called me during Christmas break last year to tell me it was the first Fall they didn’t get sick at all! With biophoton light and enzyme therapies, there are no side effects.  They are completely non-toxic and non-invasive.

As a Biontologist, one of the first protocols I use is to neutralize childhood vaccines. One client asked me:   Isn’t it dangerous to neutralize vaccines?  Isn’t that what’s protecting us?

The answer is:  No.   The viruses injected into a body create anti-bodies….and that’s what protects us.  The initial “poisons” however, can remain in the body and create stress and weaken the body. There is on-going controversy about the direct correlation between MMR and thimerosal with Autism.   I have worked with many children on the Autism spectrum.  Many parents report having had “normal” children until they were vaccinated.  After vaccines, they stopped developing, many even stopped speaking.  The toxic burden was too heavy for their tiny bodies. The toxin causing autism has a corresponding symptom: It rapidly induces oxidative stress.

“In addition to oxidative stress, thimerosal and mercury will 1) suppress the immune system; 2)  decrease methyl-B12 production and, among other things, the proper chemical modification of DNA and RNA; 3) cause membrane-tight junctions to become leaky, leading to intestinal dysbiosis, 4) decrease molybdenum levels, which leads to 5) higher sulfite and lower sulfate levels, which further leads to 6) abnormal myelination of the nervous system and corresponding neurological damage.” Vaccine Epidemic, Habakus and Holland, p. 166

That’s why I neutralize the poisons and heavy metals (mercury and aluminum are the biggest concerns), releasing the binding to the cells so that they can be eliminated from the body.  Plenty of support is given to the bladder, kidneys and liver so that this is done safely.  Dramatic improvements can be seen in both the nervous system and hormonal system after this is completed.  I personally believe that this toxicity is a huge component contributing to childhood obesity.

The Baby Boomers in the 1950’s usually  had 3-4 vaccines.  They contained toxins too but children today are forced to receive 74 vaccinations by the age of 18!  How many survive such an assault is amazing to me.  After several Biophoton light treatments, many have notable changes.  It’s almost as if someone hit the “pause” button during their growth phase and now the ”play” button was pressed.  I love watching the lights come back on in their eyes.  Parents report decreased behavioral issues and increased focus and learning abilities.

So whether it’s flu shots or childhood vaccinations, putting thimerosal/mercury/aluminum, along with the other toxins into the body is dangerous.  If you want to be pro-active to stay healthy, build your immune system.  It’s the safest choice.  Read my blog post on how to detox easily to build your immune system (click here).  In the mean time, Time Magazine says that a recent study of 11,000 individuals from more than a dozen countries indicates that Vitamin D is more effective than Flu Vaccine.

“…[P]eople who took daily or weekly vitamin D supplements were less likely to report acute respiratory infections, like influenza or the common cold, than those who did not…

For people with the most significant vitamin D deficiencies (blood levels below 10 [ng/mL]), taking a supplement cut their risk of respiratory infection in half.

People with higher vitamin D levels also saw a small reduction in risk:  about 10 percent, which is about equal to the protective effect of the injectable  flu vaccine, the researchers say.”

Sounds like a no-brainer to me!!