So many people come to me for biophoton light treatments with toe nail fungus.  Usually they come because of something more serious, but since I measure the energy pathways on the fingers and toes, it’s hard to miss this dreaded fungus.

Having this fungus indicates a compromised immune system.  It’s common for those with diabetes.  There are many blogs about natural remedies such as applying fresh garlic juice on your toe nails every night!  Yes, garlic is anti-fungal, but do you really want to do this every night for the year it takes to grow out a toe nail?

When the body’s immune system is weak, it doesn’t have the energy to fight off fungi…it’s busy taking care of more important matters.  Circulation becomes compromised.  The hands and feet are often cold.  This decrease in circulation increases the likelihood that the fungi will spread.

Toe nail fungus is highly contagious.  Without a strong immune system, it’s easy to catch.  Feet are often damp—an optimal breeding ground for fungi.  You want to keep your feet clean and dry.  Use socks that wick away moisture.  Don’t cover your nails with nail polish.  Allow them to breathe.

Also, avoid nail salons that don’t provide a closed system so you soak your feet in a freshly lined container that is guaranteed to be sanitary.  Nail fungus causes the nails to thicken and dig into the nail bed.  This can be quite painful.  While your nail is growing out, file the surface of your nail down so it doesn’t pinch and will grow out more easily.  If they are already too thick, you might have to ask your doctor to do this for you.

Prescription medications are toxic to the liver, that’s why doctors will require you to get monthly blood tests!  Why take that risk?  Biophoton light therapy has no negative side effects.  It helps to detox and strengthen the liver so you can prevent fungal infections from taking hold.  We don’t just treat the symptom of nail fungus, we dig deep to find the cause and eliminate that.

One of my elderly clients was brought in by his daughter who asked me to help him with Parkinson’s.  When I met him for the first time, I asked him how I could help.  He replied “Can you get rid of that stuff on my toes?”  His daughter almost fell off her chair.  She said “Dad, who cares about your toe nails?  You and I are the only ones who see them!”  He said, “I don’t care, it bothers me!”

So we ran a few remedies to combat the fungus and strengthen his immune system.  After a month, we could clearly see the nails had grown out a bit and the new nails were clean and clear without any trace of fungus.  He smiled when he saw that and said “OK, now you can help with the Parkinson’s!”  He was testing me!!  It was too much of a stretch to believe that something could help Parkinson’s, so he tried something he thought was “easier”….his toe nail fungus.

Little did he know that doing the basic protocols to help his body detox, and strengthen his liver and gut biome also helped everything else that was out of balance in his body.  The nail fungus was just a symptom of much larger issues. When we bring the body back into balance, back to zero field, the body has the ability to heal itself.